Sunday, January 11, 2009

aku bosan

nape aku bosan??
::sebab aku dok sowg2

nape aku dok sowng2??
::sebab die xde

nape die xde??
::sebab dye ade keje

nape dye ade keje??
::sebab dye punye progrm nk dkt

nape aku xkuar??
::sbb aku mls

nape aku mls??
::sbb aku nk tggu dye bru nk kuar,,

nape nk tunggu dye??
::sbb aku nk teman dye kuar,,

nape nk temn dye kuar??
::sbb dye suruh,

nape dye ape yg suruh aku ikot??
::sebab aku syg dye

nape aku syg??
::hanya aku ng dye jek taw,,huhu

Saturday, January 3, 2009

blame me

I'm sorry if i make you mad, i'm sorry if i make you sad, i'm sOrry if i hurt you bad
sorry if i'm not there when you need me, sorry if i run when you trust me
i'm always want to make you smile, make u laugh, make u happy
and i keep trying until now
don't care if i have to cry with you, because i want to share the sadness with you
don't care if i have to die because of you,i just want you to know
how much i love you

i keep telling myself to love you more
days after days
years after years
from sunrise to sunset

i will keep my promises till the end of the days
that i will love you my baby
from now and then
until the last breath of me