Monday, April 19, 2010

a smart but stupid person


you know what~you guys with early degree is just a book smart..but not really having a street that you can talk crap about stupid people because you think you better than them with your stupid scroll but you just dont know when u go out the people outside are just waiting you to eat you alive~because of your EGO~

they think they better with their degree~but the truth~the scroll dont bring them to know the world better~

better late than never get at all~cuz people with street smart will eventually get book smart~but people with book smart not realy have a chnce to get a street smart~cuz street smart grab sumthing tht book smartl dunt ever get chnce to do n know~

no point to show off our degree~it make we learn with no heart and no sincerity ~God hate that ok~learning is for us to get knowledge but not to be proud of

cuz whenever you fuck sum1 life with your 'so called' degree~your future will fucked up~Godwilling ~

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

dependable issues~

being dependable by others is not just you live and relying all on them but you can relying on yourself and they can relying on you too

and being dependable also about you can live by yourself among others with benefits and you grabs those benefits to yourself and use it wisely


situasi : sepasang kekasih yg baru bangon tidor (tapi bukan tido sekatil,,tido umah laen2) yang hendak memulakan hari masing2 dgn menghantar sistem pesanan ringkas kepada org yg mereka syg

[mengikut pemerhatian persendirian]

sang gadis : akan menunggu lelaki itu start wish 'morning' dlu..klu x..die xakan start dlu (ego kot)..
tapi kalau lelaki itu lewat mmberi msg dan msg nye berbunyik 'watpe tuh??',,,gadis tuh akan berkata 'dah lame ke bangun??nape x msg i/sy/ayg/mama/(seanggatan dgn nya) dlu????'

pertanyaan : walaupun sang gadis telah lama bangon..kenapa dia yg xstrt msg dlu???ade mslah ke kalau perempuan yang start dlu??

sang arjuna : bangun2 tido jek tgk hp..tpi xde sape2 wish morning kt menahan sabar lagi sket..agak2 dah lame sgt..sang arjuna menghantar msg 'nih xwish morning nih,,sah2 dah kuar ng org laen kn???'

pertanyaan : kenapa sang arjuna perlu berburuk sangka kepada sang gadis???kenapa perlu menunngu..anto jela msg mowning kn??

kesimpulan : kenapa perlu ego kalau syg kt seseorang??walaupun msg nye berbunyik 'mowning'
itu dah menunjuk kn segala2 nya yg diri anda betol2 igt dan syg kepda nya kerana swktu tidr mu anda masih juga mengingati nya~

most important text msg


the most important text msgs

for me

from u

is not 'iloveu'

but wishing

'nyte' n 'morning'


before you sleep

in the night u remember bout me


after you wake up

in the morning u still remember about me too