Monday, April 19, 2010

a smart but stupid person


you know what~you guys with early degree is just a book smart..but not really having a street that you can talk crap about stupid people because you think you better than them with your stupid scroll but you just dont know when u go out the people outside are just waiting you to eat you alive~because of your EGO~

they think they better with their degree~but the truth~the scroll dont bring them to know the world better~

better late than never get at all~cuz people with street smart will eventually get book smart~but people with book smart not realy have a chnce to get a street smart~cuz street smart grab sumthing tht book smartl dunt ever get chnce to do n know~

no point to show off our degree~it make we learn with no heart and no sincerity ~God hate that ok~learning is for us to get knowledge but not to be proud of

cuz whenever you fuck sum1 life with your 'so called' degree~your future will fucked up~Godwilling ~

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