Wednesday, June 30, 2010

high cut oh high cut

tajuk xnak kalah
tapi betol lah kot.
aku igt dalam usia remaje jek aku baru minat high cut shoes
aku igt start aku skolah menengah cuz aku maen basket
rupe2 nye dari aku kecik lgi.
thanx to my parent yg agak bagus dlam pemilihan fashion utk anakmu ini

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

im still who i am~

even with skinny.still be baggy.even head banging for electro trance.still into hip hop when im dance.
no pointy shoe.just high cut shoe wear to move.
even with spiky hair.full cap with style must be wear.
even surrounding will be change.HIP HOP STILL REMAINS

wearing what i want.listen to what i want.who my idol gonna be.still in my heart.hip hop still chain with security.
even the world clash
even time will mash
even my neighbor gonna be Slash (dope!)
im still top rocking.still pop locking.
still adidas-ing..with 3 striping.
supra been looking.(oww)
supreme im wearing.(oww)
air jordan in my saving.(oww)
NY cap with own styling.(oww)

from olskool to newskool
from tupac to lil wayne
from nico to too phat
its still the same.
playing the game
bringing the fame
without no shame.

dont mind people talking bad
even i know they just talking crap
blah blah blah blah
thats all i heard when they chat
cuz i know who i am.and im done with that!