Thursday, May 19, 2011

im not a toy

im a big boy.but still not a man.
i aint a toy.cuz i still got the game.
im not please you with joy. still share your pain.

up my heart dear.
i open my chest just to show you dear.
bleeding with love.tears with misses.from day to years.
but still......

no matter what u go through
no matter what u into.
im still here gonna be beside you.
side by side even you dont have any clue.

with little 3 words.
you will be my side.
with little 4 words.
you will be mine till im died.
with little 2 words.
you ditch me like a bitch.


Anonymous said...

ni kaw tulis tok awek kaw ke

KETAM said...

sape kaw???